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Manulife Vietnam

Manulife (Vietnam) Limited has successfully built a strong reputation for its high quality products and professional services, maintaining its position as a top player in the market. 

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Why Manulife Vietnam?

In June 1999, Manulife Vietnam became the first foreign-owned life insurance company licensed in the country. Headquartered at Manulife Plaza, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Manulife Vietnam has a nationwide network of 55 offices across 40 major cities and provinces (as of QI/2017).

On 14 June 2005, Manulife Asset Management (Vietnam) Company Limited (“MAMV”), a wholly owned local subsidiary of Manulife Vietnam, was granted license to operate fund management and portfolio management services, further expanding Manulife Vietnam’s product offering for its customers.

Throughout its 18 years of operations in Vietnam, Manulife has successfully built a strong reputation for its high quality products and professional services, maintaining its position as a top player in the market. The Company offers a wide range of innovative insurance products, including traditional life, health, education, investment and pension solutions. For more detailed information, please access

●  Unsurpassed customer experience
●  Holistic solutions and integrated wealth
●  Premium agency
●  Optimizing bancassurance
●  Market-leading digital customer engagement

Financially strong, consistently successful

Manulife is a place where talented people achieve great things together.

Manulife earns worldwide admiration for its financial strength and is considered to be one of the world’s financial giants. We have a rich heritage of more than 115 years of operations in Asia and offer great financial careers for corporate staff. Our leaders live up to corporate values and are committed to providing employees with development opportunities for them to excel in their professions. Let’s explore the world of Manulife and discover why talents join us to achieve great things together! 

Our Character


Customers count on our financial strength and stability to help them achieve their goals.



Customers trust us to keep every promise we make.



Customers rely on Manulife for the right advice and solutions, and we deliver.

Forward Thinking 

We anticipate each customer’s unique needs to deliver innovative, comprehensive, and thoughtful advice and solutions.

Our Strategy

Develop more holistic and long-lasting customer relationships.

Continue to build and integrate our global wealth and asset management businesses.

Leverage skills and experiences across our international operations.

Our Critical Behaviours: Our Culture

We work as one:  

And because we do, we are unified and focused in helping our customers.

We question and innovate

And because we do, we deliver solutions that meet our customers’ changing needs.

We own our future

And because we do, when we make a promise to our customers, we keep it.

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