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Manulife Vietnam

Manulife (Vietnam) Limited has successfully built a strong reputation for its high quality products and professional services, maintaining its position as a top player in the market. 

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Why Manulife Vietnam?

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Manulife (Vietnam) Limited has successfully built a strong reputation for its high-quality products and professional services, maintaining its position as a top player in the market. The Company offers a wide range of innovative insurance products, including traditional life, health, education, investment and pension solutions. With the ambition to be the most digital, customer-centric leader in the industry, MLV provides customers with digital solutions, improving their experience. Recently, MLV has launched Easyclaims, enabling  customers to make online claims simply in 1 minute. 

About  Manulife Vietnam

As a member of Manulife Financial - the top 10 biggest life insurance companies in the world, Manulife Vietnam is proud to be the first 100% foreign-owned life insurer in Vietnam from 1999. Throughout its 19 years of operations in the country, Manulife Vietnam has expanded its business network to 42 major cities and provinces with 61 offices across Vietnam (as of May 2018).

Headquartered at Manulife Plaza, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Manulife Vietnam is the largest life insurer in terms of chartered capital and awarded the Best Place to Work in insurance industry in 2017, currently serving customers of more than 900,000 policies through a network of over 33,000 professionally qualified agents.

With the commitment to be “customer-centric” and “grow with quality”, MVL has been achieving remarkable growth year after. To realize the vision “We help our customer achieve their dreams and aspirations”, the company has focused on the 5 pillars of its strategy. These are designed not just for the company to succeed but also to be differentiated.

  • Unsurpassed customer experience
  • Holistic solutions and integrated wealth
  • Premium agency
  • Optimizing bancassurance
  • Market-leading digital customer engagement

Our mission to make ‘Decisions Easier and Lives Better’ for our customers is what drives us, but it’s Our Values ​​that define who we are and what sort of company we want to be.

Embracing the idea that culture can be a distinct competitive advantage, we refreshed Our Values and focused on building a new culture that improves how employees think, act and work.

More importantly, our six Values ​​determine 'how' we do things at Manulife and this is crucial to our Customer Experience Transformation program and future success.

Embracing our new Values has seen us redefine the definition of success and leadership; implement learning and development programs; create health and wellness activities that enhance employee engagement, and help inspire our employees to achieve a more meaningful career and give back to the community.


There is no one magic ingredient that makes for great employee experience. At Manulife it’s a combination of factors that help deliver an amazing employee experience: 

Creating a safe working environment
We focus on strengthening trust-based relationships and providing a safe working environment for all. At Manulife that means promoting respect, dignity, and tolerance that is free of discrimination, harassment, and violence. We are proud of the fact we comply with all Human Rights and Occupational Health & Safety legislation. We also offer workshops, lunch talks and training to promote effective relationships and a positive culture.

Unlimited opportunities to succeed
To help our employees make decisions easier and live better for our customers, we offer work that both challenges and makes a difference within a flexible and supportive environment. Our philosophy “This is you, unlimited” offers all employees the chance to develop by growing personally and professionally through online innovative tools and learning programs, designed with their needs in mind. 

Navigating a clear career path
The Success Profile and MyCareer tools help set development goals and navigate your career at Manulife. This framework of tools and resources offer an interactive guide that provides more detail on the skills and capabilities needed to demonstrate our critical behaviors and help employees towards career goals. Our Career & Learning week also gives employees the chance to develop and discover new opportunities for growth.

Making people the key to our success
Our People Strategy focuses of nurturing talent by upskilling and developing both hard and soft skills through initiatives like the SPARKS and LEAD programs. These platforms give both established and young talent the opportunity to be developed as future leaders. We also offer on the job learning via special projects, coaching circles, mentoring programs, and 360-degree feedback to create a positive learning culture. 

Building a #WinningTeam
Winning isn’t just about being number one, it’s also about how you get there – and of course the best way is through teamwork. At Manulife we’ve found our winning momentum needed to drive us forward, but now it’s about creating a high-performing team. In Vietnam our High Performing Team program is helping develop high levels of collaboration and innovation that produce strong teams and results. 

Diversity and inclusion is an advantage
We believe that strength lies in embracing our differences and that diversity is an advantage. We are committed to delivering a meaningful, sustainable gender balance in business leadership, and the Vietnam chapter of the Global Women’s Alliance (GWA) has been a key driver for change. Our Male Allies program also complements the work of the GWA and has helped advance gender equality across the organization by modeling progressive behaviors and thinking.


Taking a holistic approach to our employee benefits allows us to offer comprehensive and meaningful support across three key areas of Wellness, Healthcare and Protection. We continuously review and benchmark ourselves to stay competitive and relevant in the benefits we offer our employees


Work Life Coaching

Birthday leave

Manulife Flex leave

Sick leave fully paid

Block leave

Christmas leave

GWA activities

Work Life Balance activities  


Medical checkups


Accident insurance

Healthcare insurance      

Flexible benefits


Group Pension plan

Staff Discount plan

Mortgage Housing loan   

Emergency loan          


Our employees tell us they love working for Manulife. We know this because each year we ask them for feedback so we can continuously improve their working experience. Our employee engagement survey is conducted through a partnership with Gallup, helping us increase engagement, drive performance and ultimately create a great workplace. This year we achieved the highest engagement score in Asia for the Manulife franchise and are on the verge of a top quartile ranking. We aim to be the employer of choice for the insurance sector and regarded as a Top 10 employer of choice across all industries in Vietnam.


Human Resources plays a strategic role in any organisaton.  Yet at the end of the day, what we really do is create ambassadors. Our job is to ensure that our employees recommend Manulife as a place to work based on their experience.

Manulife has been named one of ‘Best Companies To Work For in Asia’ in 2019 and one of the ‘Top 100 Best Place to Work in Vietnam’ for two years running.

Creating extraordinary people experiences through our working environment and culture is our true purpose and we are proud of the brand ambassadors we are nurturing here in Vietnam.

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